"The Magnificent Seven Plus ONE is a book of extraordinary life events. Donna keeps the reader spellbound throughout her personal journey plus many other life experiences. The key is her resourcefulness, through a spiritual commitment. Follow Donna's wisdom and you, too, will find true happiness and positive success."
Homer Rice- Former NFL Head Football Coach
Author of Lessons for Leaders and Leadership Fitness
Former Director of Athletics for Georgia Tech and University of North Carolina

"The wisdom that Donna brings to her new book, The Magnificent Seven Plus ONE, will touch your heart and enlighten your mind!"
Deborah Pryce-4th Ranking Member of 108th Congress
Highest Ranking Woman Ever to Serve in the House
Chair of U.S. House Republican Conference

"This book, The Magnificent Seven Plus ONE is a self-actualizing tour de force!"
Kimberly Hamill Dresch, Artist
NBC Network News Technician

"I have found the most amazing discovery is realizing who we are. Through The Magnificent Seven Plus ONE, Donna reveals how we learn from our challenges and relationships. Her book empowers us to achieve inspiration from within while accepting gifts from Above."
Andrea Preuss Mrs. United States 2003