The Magnificent Seven Plus ONE—The Art of Discovering Inspiration From Within

Author:  Donna Hazle Glanzman—Reviewed by Anita Finley

Donna Hazle Glanzman, the reigning Mrs. All American, has authored an inspirational book, The Mangificent Seven Plus ONE—The Art of Discovering Inspiration From Within.  Published by Atlanta-based Beautiful Media LLC, this work is designed to motivate people to prioritize and enrich their lives while establishing a stronger faith-based support system.

When I first read her book, I was amazed that this beautiful woman was so astute in so many areas of life   Not only is she a powerful executive, but she is a loving woman with so much to give to society.  Ms. Glanzman has adapted her message to people of all ages, and from all walks of life   Her sincerity of purpose and dedication to her work is evident in every chapter.

The book focuses on eight simple, yet effective approaches to life.  The Magnificent Seven Plus ONE helps the reader assess how to deal with daily challenges in practical and realistic ways.  Using personal and pragmatic stories, quotes and questions, Ms. Glanzman leads the reader on an inspirational journey that ensures balance and purpose in life. She offers simple, yet highly effective exercises to eliminate many of the hurdles that we all face.  She challenges readers to take a closer look at themselves, make honest assessments and then, enact positive changes.

Donna Glanzman, who has been in the “people business” for decades, first as a teacher, then as a highly successful public relations executive and motivational speaker, brings all of her communication skills to the table.  The Magnificent Seven Plus ONE contains chapters on a wide variety of subjects including “Value What Really Matters!”  “Always Have a Dream!” “Without the Valleys of Life, There are No Mountaintops!” and “Believe There Is a Hole in Your Heart that Only God Can Fill!”  The book is woven into a thought-provoking tapestry containing vignettes and heartwarming stories gleaned from a lifetime of experiences.  Each illustrates one of the author’s meaningful messages. Additionally, the book contains interactive quizzes that educate the reader and reinforce Ms. Glanzman’s concepts.

You’ll laugh, and you may cry, but The Magnificent Seven Plus ONE is definitely the “feel good” book of the year.  It will be on the A-list for reading choices about life enhancements and self-improvement!  “I believe that this book will encourage you to discover your greatest assets.  And once discovered, you will be rewarded with an understanding of why God has placed you on this earth,” says Glanzman.

From:  Boomer Times & Senior Life, February 2005