Your Role in the Lives of Strangers

By Donna Glanzman

Close your eyes and see a world different from your own.

The beautiful American movie star leaned down to touch the tiny child. His stomach bloated from malnutrition and his little brown eyes bulging from their sockets. Tears filled the woman’s eyes as she cradled the child hoping to have him eat. Can you see them sitting amidst the squalor of a refugee camp in some unknown country?

Look in another direction…See the man shivering in the cold. He lies in a box that once protected a new refrigerator. The fingers of his gloves are worn and his knuckles are blue from the cold. The railroad tracks just over his head rattle and rumble with the sound of another train. He closes his eyes and moans. Quietly, a man leans over and covers him with one, no two blankets. The homeless man opens his eyes and attempts to smile. He sees food in the stranger's hand. He reaches for the spoon and downs it quickly.

Now look over there, just behind you. The mother cradles her child, but there are tears rolling down her cheeks. She enters the Children’s Hospital. A lady in pink walks up to her and asks if she needs anything while she waits for the results of her baby’s test. The woman smiles at the mother then lightly touches her hand. “It will be all right. They do great things here!”

Can you see them…those who give of themselves?


How much does a hug cost?
How hard is a car wash?
What reward a bag of grocery things?
What gift an old jacket brings?
How special a child’s bright smile?
How priceless to talk for awhile?
These are the moments of giving
That bring real meaning to living.
Without these ANGELS, there
Would be no spark.
Without them, there would be
A world with no real heart!!